About us

Charly’s Bike Store

Small team composed of great enthusiasts,
we are happy to create new stories, thanks to you.

Who is Charly ?

A real enthusiast

Charles Joset, known as Charly,is an enthusiast of bikes and mechanics with more than 14 years of experience with both more ordinary and electric models.

He was a long time instructor at WattWorld, il a décidé qu’il était temps de créer sa propre entreprise, Charly’s Bike Store !

As for its values, elles sont certainement les mêmes que les vôtres… À savoir l’integrity, la , availability, la , transparency, le , professionalism, l’affection particulière pour l’the environment,, le savoir-faire de quality, mobility,, et enfin, la maximum satisfaction for its customers.

Portrait de Charly

Your satisfaction

Our Reward

Satisfied and safe customers.
The guarantee to participate in a greener economy through a selection of local actors & start the mobility revolution thanks to efficient and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

That's it too, Charly !

Our contribution

Simple actions

In order to guarantee quality and environmental protection, we have limited our range of electric bicycles to local and Swiss companies.

With this in mind, we have made the following decisions :


The bags for our customers are completely biodegradable, to leave without feeling guilty !


Nous collaborons avec Inobat pour le recyclage des batteries. Et si le vélo à été acheté dans notre boutique, les frais de recyclage seront à notre charge !

Solvent free

At Charly, the cleaning liquid for bicycle transmissions is solvent-free !

Premier étage du magasin Charly's Bike Store à Genève

Effortless well-being

Quality, simplicity, efficiency and durability

This credo is at the forefront of our company and the electric bikes we offer. Not only individual well-being, but also the well-being of our environment.

We believe that soft mobility should not be expensive. Democratizing sustainable development is the best way for us to make an impact as a community.

Leaving a lighter ecological footprint while taking into account your budget, our goal is to offer you quality electric bikes at affordable prices so that you can switch to soft mobility as easily as possible.

Our wish

Your well-being

We want you to enjoy your bike ride, whether it's for city travel or for leisure. Our goal is to save you time on your journeys from home to work and contribute to a healthier lifestyle by reducing stress caused by traffic jams. All this while improving your cardio !

Thanks to our experience, we can now offer you technically very reliable electric bikes and bicycles (moteurs Bosch et Shimano à la réputation bien établie) et ce, à des very competitive prices.